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Sex Education Cast Struggled to Deal With Fame


Sex Education Cast Struggled to Deal With Fame


Sex Education Season 3. Aimee Lou Wood as Aimee Gibbs, Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley in Episode 7 of Sex Education Season 3. Cr. Sam Taylor/NETFLIX © 2020

The cast of “Sex Education” have become household names, but their overnight success was a shock to the system. Aimee Lou Wood, who plays Aimee Gibbs on the Netflix show, spoke of how hard it was for them all to adjust to notoriety following the release of season 1. “You kind of have to pretend you’re taking it all in your stride and it’s dead easy, so you’re like ‘yeah my life’s changed overnight but ya know, I know how to handle it’,” she joked on the Capital Breakfast Show on 27 March. “I remember all the Sex Education lot kind of pretending like we did. We were all like, ‘yeah we’ve just got to go on a few . . . do some press and do some publicity, as if we knew what that was.”

It was only when the young cast started talking more about how they felt about being thrust into the spotlight that the concept of fame became easier to manage. “I remember us all around the same time going, ‘I think we’re all struggling a bit with this, I think maybe we’re all very anxious and I think maybe we need to talk about it more’. And then all of a sudden we just started to admit we don’t actually know what we’re doing. And that has been a huge help,” she added. Wood has been open in the past about her experiences of being in the public eye, including her past eating disorders. Fortunately, “I think right now I’m at a really good point,” Wood said.

The “Sex Education” cast are known for their close bonds. Having recently reunited at the BAFTAs afterparty, they are in constant support of one another’s achievements. One of which is Ncuti Gatwa taking on the role of Doctor Who. “It’s the best thing ever,” Wood said. Although she couldn’t believe she didn’t know about it beforehand as Gatwa was sworn to secrecy. “Someone text me going, ‘I think your mate’s Doctor Who’, and I was like, ‘no, I’d know about that’. Then all of a sudden I was like, ‘oh my god, no he is!’ I was so deeply impressed that he hadn’t said anything. He’s filming that at the moment. It’s so exciting.”

As for “Sex Education” season 4, Wood simply said: “It’s all very very new and fresh.” As it’s many of the cast’s final stint in the series, we can’t wait to see them all together on our screens for a final time. Watch Wood’s chat below.


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