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Starbucks Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappucino Review


Starbucks Blue Raspberry Cloud Frappucino Review


The clocks have gone forward and blossom might just be peeking through on the trees, but is there anything that really signifies spring more than a change to your winter coffee order? Exactly. That’s why I welcomed the latest launch from Starbucks with open arms. The new blue raspberry cloud frappucino launched on 6 April to offer a seasonal alternative to your oat latte, and I got to try it first.

We all know the coffee chain is partial to a viral beverage (hello, pumpkin spice latte). Plus, with legions of celebrity fans (yes, we’re looking at Pedro Pascal’s Starbucks order), we have been waiting for its next launch. But can the cloud frappucino really become a new viral fave? I actually think it could.

Firstly, it looks like clouds. The sky blue colour with creamy white swirls immediately makes it worthy of a grid photo on Instagram or a video on TikTok. Secondly, it’s not all style over substance. The ice-cold drink combines a blue raspberry flavouring with whipped cream and a crunchy edible blue crystal topping for added shimmer. Using natural spirulina and apple extracts, the drink replicates the spring sky we’ve been praying for and I was immediately filled with new season optimism.

Image Source: Starbucks

As I took my first cold sip, I was shocked to discover it’s surprisingly light. While the consistency is similar to a milkshake, it didn’t feel as dense, like it could actually be made of clouds. The blue raspberry flavour isn’t too overpowering, either. I got serious flashbacks to blue slush puppies (and who doesn’t love those?) or bubblegum ice cream. The milky cream gives it an even sweeter taste too, making an ideal treat for a hot day. The blue crystals looked pretty to start with, but they fell to the bottom when I finished drinking, although I wasn’t too mad; there was a nice sweet crunch at the end.

The cloud frappucino will set you back £4.50, but if you need a pick-me-up, it’s money well spent. You’ll need to quick, though, as the limited edition beverage is available for 10 days only. If you want to sip your way to cloud nine this Easter, then the cloud frappucino is a good place to start.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Chloe Dunn


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