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Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With These '00s Kids TV Shows


Take a Trip Down Memory Lane With These '00s Kids TV Shows


There’s nothing quite like hearing the theme tune to your favourite kids’ TV show or cartoon to take you straight back to the golden era of your childhood. Back then, our days were filled with iconic snacks (Fruit Winder, anyone?) and avoiding homework, and our most dreaded chore was changing out of our school uniform after school. So, it makes sense that every now and then, we’d all appreciate the chance to take a trip down memory lane with our favourite kids’ TV shows. What better way to do that than to revisit some old school TV gems that’ll transport you back to simpler times?

As any 2000s British kid knows, our childhoods were filled with the likes of thrilling game shows like the epic “Jungle Run”, quality time with Neil Buchanan’s inspiring “Art Attack” to get our creative juices flowing, and the exhilarating antics of “The Sarah Jane Adventures”. We had our fair share of classic American sitcoms, too, thanks to Nickelodeon and the Disney Channel, which blessed us with shows like “That’s So Raven” and “Lizzie McGuire”, not forgetting “The Lizzie McGuire Movie,” of course. Sing to me, Paolo!

Now, the time has come to grab your duvet and snuggle up with some clips from all of the best British and American children’s TV shows and cartoons that we all know and loved from the 2000s.

Additional reporting by Gabriella Ferlita


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