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The Best ’90s British Kids TV Shows


The Best ’90s British Kids TV Shows


There’s nothing quite like hearing the theme tune to your favourite kids’ TV show to take you straight back to the golden era of your childhood. Those bygone days that were filled with after school snacks, avoiding homework, and seemingly less responsibilities, so it makes sense that every now and then we’d all appreciate the chance to take a stroll down memory lane.

Nostalgic TV is having a moment of late, with classic ’90s shows like “Gladiators” returning to BBC and “Big Brother” making a comeback on ITV. Yet nothing quite hits the sweet spot like the kids TV shows of yesteryear. They are like a warm hug, if you will.

As any ’90s British kid knows, Saturday mornings started with none other than “Live & Kicking”, and that precious time after school and before dinner was reserved for classics like “Grange Hill”. You’ll also love getting reacquainted with homegrown cartoons that date all the way back to the ’80s, from the hilarious “Poddington Peas” to the iconic “Bananaman” and “Bob the Builder”. And who could possibly forget catching up on “Blue Peter”?

Grab your duvet and take a trip down memory lane by watching clips from the best British ’90s kids’ TV shows, then brush up on your ’00s kids TV shows after to see how many you remember.

Additional reporting by Navi Ahluwalia and Joely Chilcott


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