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The Best Books Written by Women in 2022


The Best Books Written by Women in 2022


Ahhhh, reading! That lovely feeling you get when you’re curled up under a warm blanket with a book that really calls to you. The great news is that 2022 has already proven to be an excellent year for new literature. There are so many titles already available and an impressive lineup scheduled for releases throughout the year, written by incredibly talented women writers. With all these options in so many different genres, it may be both exciting as well as a bit overwhelming. Should you start with fiction or nonfiction? Maybe an up-and-coming author or one of your established favourites? We know exactly where to begin.

We’ve handpicked 15 exciting new books to give you a little taste of some of the amazing written works out this year, while celebrating the brilliant woman authors who wrote them. It might even serve as a launching point for you to start this month’s POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. So carve out an hour or two in your day when you have nothing pressing to do, with no immediate deadlines or responsibilities, and spend some quality time with one of these fabulous new finds.


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