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The Best Cocktails in a Can


The Best Cocktails in a Can

The humble premixed drink has had a major glow-up in the past few years. Cocktails now come in cans, and they’re flavoured with things like zingy lemon, elderflower, and rhubarb, to name a few. They’re no longer sickly sweet (unless that’s your vibe — those are definitely still out there), and the cans are cute enough to be snapped for an Instagram post.

Whether you know them as canned cocktails, tinnies, or are only interested in “gin in a tin,” this list of canned cocktails is for you. Because, if there’s one thing that is quintessentially English, it’s firing up the group chat the moment the sun comes out of hiding, and heading straight to the common for a few drinks and a picnic. That’s where these beauties come in.

So, for heat waves, bank holidays, and picnics in the park — these are our favourite cocktails in a can that you’ll be sipping on all Summer long.

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