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The Best Homeware and Interiors Brands to Shop in 2021


The Best Homeware and Interiors Brands to Shop in 2021


Spending more time indoors means that it’s important for our home to become our sanctuary. If you’ve been working from home, then you can probably relate to the difficulty that comes from separating your work space from your rest space. Trying to create physical boundaries between at-home work and leisure is a great way to protect the serenity of our down-time, but if that isn’t an option then we suggest investing in calming décor, beautiful homeware, and interiors that make you feel great.

Due for an interiors update? We recommend shopping for beautiful, modern homewares that you will use every day — like a set of plates that double as gorgeous décor or a statement vase that encourages you to keep fresh cut flowers around. Stockists like Trouva, Etsy, LF Markey, and have a great selection of modern and mid-range homewares that will introduce colour and personality, or a minimal calmness into your home. For 2021, we’re loving leading ceramics brands like London-based Anissa Kermiche, known for its statement vases that celebrate the female form, and London-born ceramics artist Freya Bramble-Carter who designs exquisite fine plates. Although Kermiche and Bramble-Carter design some of the best (and most spenny) British homewares on the market, we suggest checking out the 8 under-the-radar and equally cool independent homeware brands that we are shopping ahead.


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