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The Best Plants and Flowers For Small Gardens in the UK


The Best Plants and Flowers For Small Gardens in the UK


When it comes to creating a garden that can become your own hidden oasis among the hustle and bustle of city life, size truly doesn’t matter. Like many that live in commuter towns or within walking distance of busy high streets, I have a reasonably compact garden; a paved space with a few beds, but plenty of potential.

I’ve loved the joy brought about by beautiful flowers for as long as I can remember, emphasised further by learning to arrange my own, but my true fascination with gardening – nurturing, growing, and enjoying the benefits – began at the start of the first lockdown. Getting outside and embracing nature is not only a relaxing pastime and great exercise, but it is an incredible wellness tool, enabling the welcome break from screen time and hectic schedules that we all regularly need.

The best part is, it is never too late to get started, and early spring is the ideal time to set your outdoor space up for the seasons ahead – from city courtyard to high-rise balcony. Here are my top tips on what to grow now to reap the rewards for the rest of the year.


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