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The Best Post Workout Routines You Should Totally Do –

Weight Loss

The Best Post Workout Routines You Should Totally Do –


Do you want to lose weight or build muscle? Do you want to run faster, jump higher, lift heavier, and improve your flexibility? Such goals require careful planning, so you don’t waste time doing things that aren’t going to help your goal-reaching efforts. Once you decide on a goal, you can then begin formulating an effective plan.

Let’s say your goal is to increase your strength 

It’s probably no surprise that you’re going to focus a lot on weight lifting. But make sure you have a specific plan. Simply saying you are going to lift weights is not enough. You should know what exercises you are going to do, how many sets and reps you need to do and how you will end your workout. Are you going to do cardio, some stretching or maybe some balance work?

If your goal is to improve your heart health, then you probably know cardiovascular exercise is going to be a big part of your plan. Decide what form of cardio exercise you are going to do and how you will perform it—intervals, steady state, etc. Whatever you do, figure it out well before you start!

Recovery should begin before you leave the box

During intense training effort, metabolic waste products are lodged in your body all the way down to the individual muscle cells. The fluid that surrounds them—as well as the capillaries, veins, and lungs—needs to be flushed out before you rest. As soon as you pick yourself up off the floor, your first thought should be to keep moving at a gentle pace. Doing so will allow your heart rate to come back to resting level. 

Cooling down and stretching is also becoming the key to reducing the effects of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). We are all familiar with the effects of DOMS—muscular pain, swelling and stiffness—and while there is still a debate on what the main cause of DOMS is, it is widely believed that it comes about due to connective tissue micro trauma, which occurs when muscles lengthen and stretch during exercise. Sadly, you can’t get rid of DOMS completely, but you can soften the blow by actively cooling down and performing dynamic stretching. 

After a grinding session of workout, the first thing you feel like doing is getting out of your sweaty gym gear and rush for a cold, soothing shower. Showering after a workout not only feels relaxing but it also reduces the risk of rashes and breakouts that can be caused by bacteria rapidly multiplying on your skin, all thanks to your sweaty body.
So a quick, hot shower sounds rather tempting but you need to hold your horses right there. It is considered absolutely essential to wait for at least 20 minutes after your workout before you hit the shower. Your hot water broke? Go to Plumber Sydney to fix it.

By making sure your body’s been warmed up, worked out, and cooled down properly, you can maximize the results you’re working towards. Cheesy as it may sound, fitness really is a lifestyle, and one that doesn’t begin and end with your actual workout.


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