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The Best Premixed Cocktails and Mocktails in the UK | 2021


The Best Premixed Cocktails and Mocktails in the UK | 2021


Pub Fridays have been an office staple for the longest time, and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t continue just because we’re all currently out of the office and in our own homes. To truly appreciate the power that comes with Friday night, opt for a symbolic drink after work — whether that’s a cocktail or mocktail — to get you primed and ready for the weekend ahead. While you’re not at your favourite after-work pubs or fancy bars getting the perfect cocktail mixed up for you, the temptation to slink off to your fridge and finish off last week’s vinegary bottle of wine is much too strong.

But there is another way. The canned cocktail has long been reserved for summer evenings in parks or family barbecues, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Premixed cocktails (whether it be a can, a box, or even a DIY version) are a drink best enjoyed all year round, and whether it’s vodka, CBD, or non-alcoholic gin that takes your fancy, something out there exists for everyone.

We’ve done the hard work of trying them all out, and rounded up the best of the best for your drinking pleasure. Have a scroll through to find out what’s on our list, and what soon could be on yours.


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