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The Best Tower, Electric, and Desk Fans in the UK 2020


The Best Tower, Electric, and Desk Fans in the UK 2020

You can always tell when the temperature in the UK has risen too far when your local electrical shop has sold out of fans. Fortunately, there are plenty of options online to help cool you down when the temperature soars. When you’re not cooling off in the UK’s best lidos or enjoying a sea breeze on one of the best beaches in the UK, keep cool at home or at work with an electrical fan.

We’ve rounded up the best fans across a range of price points and varieties, from floor fans for home gyms to desk fans for your work space and tower and pedestal fans to keep a whole room pleasant by day or by night. These fans come with all kinds of handy features, like speed and wind mode settings, adjustable tilts and oscillation options, and remote controls and timer functions. Ahead, check out 21 fans to match every budget and every requirement, and feel ready for the heatwaves the UK Summer is sure to keep throwing our way.

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