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The Science of Attraction: 5 Things Men Look for in Women


The Science of Attraction: 5 Things Men Look for in Women

Love and attraction — poets have been musing over this for centuries but what exactly is it that sets our hearts racing for just certain people? Is it passion? Chemistry? Love? It turns out there is a science to all of it. 

For men, the science of attraction is linked to evolution and it is all subconscious. On the surface he may be looking for a date but there is an underlying motive and that is to keep the human race alive. It sounds dramatic but, as Healthy Way noted, men tend to become romantically involved with women with certain traits that convey the message that she is healthy and therefore fertile.

Here, we look at five of those traits that that men subconsciously look for in women: 

  1. Her hips — According to Health Way, it has previously been proven that men are drawn to women with a lower waist to hip ratio, which indicates that she is in her prime when it comes to reproduction.
  2. Luscious locks — A woman’s hairstyle does affect how attractive she appears to men — or at least the length does. This was detailed in a study in the journal Human Nature which found that women with longer locks appeared healthier and more attractive to their male counterparts.
  3. Red lips — Pop icon Taylor Swift may be on to something with her generously painted red lips. It turns out that the color red could be central to attraction in humans and animals alike. A previous study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology noted that the “color red makes men feel more amorous toward women.”
  4. Bright eyed — Ask a man what he finds most attractive in a woman and he will likely list her eyes. There is a good reason for this. Studies have shown that bright eyes suggest a woman is healthier and more youthful and therefore fertile, which again appeals to the deeply ingrained need to keep the human race alive, Health Way noted.
  5. Scent — The thousands of dollars women fork out each year on fragrances are wasted if they are trying to attract a mate. According to Health Way, researchers have found that a woman’s cycle directly influences the pheromones she gives off, which in turn determines how attractive she appears to men.

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