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Things I Wish I Knew Before Freshers Week


Things I Wish I Knew Before Freshers Week


Mid-september means many things; pumpkin spice lattes on repeat, panic coat shopping for the sudden drop in temperature, and a return of great autumn TV shows. But for thousands of school leavers, it also marks the move to university and the beginning of the initiation that is Freshers Week. The start of the autumn term is synonymous with hedonism, booze, takeaways, and nights out, and many Brits look back on the wild week as the best of their lives. Yet with such a hefty legacy comes a lot of pressure on young students to “make the most of it”. So how do you know you’re doing it “right”?

The truth is, not everybody loves Freshers Week. While some find the concept of drinking j√§gerbombs, staying up all night, and stealing traffic cones thrilling, others find the idea overwhelming. Also, you can’t guarantee that your week will go to plan. Mishaps will probably happen and you might feel homesick, experience housemate clashes, have some awkward sexual experiences or find yourself wishing for the week to be over. Even still, it’s an experience that you’ll remember forever, so you might as well try your best to lean into the madness.

It’s likely you’ll have received advice from teachers, friends, and older family members in the lead-up, but what are the real pieces of wisdom that will get you through? I was one of those very students six years ago and arrived at uni wide-eyed and ready to start my new adult life. So what do I wish I’d known? From choosing housemates too early to getting serious FOMO, read ahead for 21 tips that will get you through Freshers Week.


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