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Tilly Keeper Stole an X-Rated Object from Netflix You Set


Tilly Keeper Stole an X-Rated Object from Netflix You Set


You. (L to R) Tilly Keeper as Lady Phoebe, Penn Bedgley as Joe in episode 404 of You. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022

When it comes to taking mementos from film and TV sets, you might assume actors will choose to take part of their costume, a script, or maybe even a director’s chair, but for Tilly Keeper, who plays Lady Phoebe in “You” season 4, her keepsake was a little more mischievous. The actor, who is part of the new cast of the Netflix show set in London, stole a penis candle from the set. Yes, you read that right.

“I stole something. I stole penis candles. I’ve got one in my cupboard somewhere,” Keeper revealed to Cosmopolitan. “Well, when you light them they don’t melt very nicely, they don’t keep their shape. It’s a nice idea but not very well executed.” The object in question comes into play in episode 4 of the new season, which premiered its first half on 9 Feb., during which Lady Phoebe attempts to seduce Joe Goldberg (who is actually going by the name of Jonathon Moore now) while the new friends are on a country trip away to Hampsbridge House. To make her move, she sets up a boudoir in the manor house, including dozens of penis candles lit around the room. The phallic shapes don’t quite work as Joe realises she is actually upset at her boyfriend, Adam, and doesn’t really want to be with him. Plus, as Keeper reveals, penis candles aren’t really fit for purpose.

Keeper took one of the candles as a fun reminder of the scene, and now keeps it in a drawer at home. Although she was left a little red-faced when her dad accidentally found the NSFW object. “My dad was horrified when he stumbled upon it,” she said. While Keeper’s risqué memento comes with a great anecdote, there is still no telling as to whether her character will survive the whole of series 4. We’ll have to wait until 10 March for the second part to find out.


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