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Vicky Pattison Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

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Vicky Pattison Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles


Vicky Pattison has long been her authentic self on social media, sharing real and, at times, lighthearted comparison photos of her “Instagram vs. reality” snaps to show that sometimes life means throwing hair up into a bun, shoving some joggers on, and calling it a day. But on 13 March, the 35-year-old had a different message for her followers, and it was a raw post about her mental health.

Opening up about her ongoing struggle with anxiety, Pattison admitted that it is sometimes “impossible to ignore”, but told her followers that in the end, she knows “it’s going to be ok.” Taking to the social media platform, the star explained that she had “been trying to write this post for ages”, but was plagued by the cruel “irony” that her anxiety determines that “everything I write is rubbish, or doesn’t make sense & people are going to laugh at me or troll me.”

Nonetheless, Pattison — who is engaged to long-term partner Ercan Ramadan — managed to overcome her baseless negative thoughts for long enough to offer her fans a word of advice on self care, advising them to “do something that brings you joy, get out of your head & into your body, do something physical, get into nature, read a book, watch your favourite show, complete a random act of kindness, whatever it is that works for you… Do that. And then just wait for the sunbeams to start breaking through those clouds.”

“[J]ust wait for the sunbeams to start breaking through those clouds.”

“To anyone who’s feeling a little bit like me today, just know you aren’t alone, you are important & it is going to be ok,” she concluded in her honest, uplifting post. Her words resonated with the masses, as fans and famous friends alike commented in solidarity with the reality star. “Oh honey. I’m sorry. Be kind to yourself, go slowly. Do things that make you happy,” TV presenter Lisa Snowdon commented, while fellow TV atar Gabby Roslin wrote: “Sending you so many hugs you beautiful soul. Your honesty will help many.”

Pattison is just one of many celebrities who has opened up about their mental health recently. Ed Sheeran has been honest about his struggles while making his latest album, Tom Holland took a break from social media after recognsiing is was becoming overwhelming for him, while Megan Thee Stallion’s own mental health journey was documented on her latest album “Traumazine”, and even prompted her to launch her own mental health website, aptly titled “Bad B*tches Have Bad Days Too.”

Pattison’s heartfelt post will undoubtedly prove to be a comfort to others experiencing similar struggles. We’re sending our love to the former “Geordie Shore” star.

If you’re struggling with mental health issues, you can call Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) on 0800 585858 between 5pm–midnight every day, or use the CALM webchat service.


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