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Watch Amelia Dimoldenberg and Francis Bourgeois Cooking


Watch Amelia Dimoldenberg and Francis Bourgeois Cooking


Comedian Amelia Dimoldenberg is back with a new episode of “Amelia’s Cooking Show”, and her latest guest is someone that we’re honestly thrilled to see making their YouTube debut. Train-spotting TikTok star Francis Bourgeois (and the face of the recent Gucci and The North Face campaign) visited Dimoldenberg’s kitchen where the pair attempt to cook a bizarre dish.

The ingredients of the dish often relate to the guest star in some way, and Bourgeois’ episode was no different. They included cheddar cheese because he once lived in Somerset, shortbread biscuits because they’re a classic “train trolley purchase”, and marshmallows and spaghetti because Bourgeois studies engineering.

Overall, Bourgeois’s appearance on the show involved a number of train engine impressions, an explanation of the train term “bashing”, and an in-depth look at the latest in train-spotting fashion. The train enthusiast also opened up about his future plans, telling Dimoldenberg that he’d like to go into infrastructure engineering one day, allowing him to pursue his passions whilst “making the railway a better place”.

Surprisingly, Bourgeois isn’t the most famous person to appear on one of Dimoldenberg’s shows, as she recently managed to get chart-topping megastar Ed Sheeran on an episode of her hilarious dating show, “Chicken Shop Date”.

Watch the latest episode of “Amelia’s Cooking Show”, in full below.

Image Source: YouTube User Amelia Dimoldenberg


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