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Watch Pick ‘N’ Mix’s Big Drag Energy Video on Drag Race UK


Watch Pick ‘N’ Mix’s Big Drag Energy Video on Drag Race UK


This week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK taught us one thing, and one thing only: the importance of having BDE — otherwise known as “big drag energy”. That’s right, this week the Drag Race contestants tried their hands at creating the next pop banger, and honestly? They did a pretty decent job. While “Big Drag Energy” doesn’t quite compare to the even-just-thinking-about-it-gets-it-stuck-in-your-head nature of “UK Hun” from the show’s last series, what it does offer is versatility.

In episode four, the queens were put into two groups to compete, and each group performed a very different version of the song. Slice Girls, which featured Kitty Scott-Claus, Scarlett Harlett, Charity Kase, and Krystal Versace, performed a high-tempo pop song, which unfortunately didn’t impress the judges. Pick ‘n’ Mix however, which consisted of River Medway, Choriza May, Vanity Milan, and Ella Vaday, chose to go down the ballad route, and it paid off because they were this week’s winners. Despite their version of the song being a ballad, Choriza May and Vanity Milan took the tempo up a notch with their verses, and we’re not sure that the song would’ve been as strong without them.

Watch the full video of Pick ‘N’ Mix’s version of “Big Drag Energy” above.

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