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Wellness and Activity Groups for Black Women in the UK


Wellness and Activity Groups for Black Women in the UK


There’s no denying the wellness industry has boomed in recent years, particularly within the fitness space. After all, we live in an appearance-obsessed society and the influx of fit-fluencers over the past three years has us more concerned with health and the aesthetics of being health conscious. Who can forget the chokehold Chloe Ting’s gruelling workouts had us in during the pandemic? Yet in the wake of lockdown, a variety of diversity and race-related issues were exposed across a number of industries, including wellness.

Now this is nothing new. Wellness has always been a space that is overwhelmingly dominated by thinness and whiteness. From the beginning of time, we have been told Black bodies are built differently. We are bigger, and less fragile than our white counterparts, so it isn’t surprising that these thoughts would trickle down into the wellness industry through normalised practices and marketing.

In 2020, Sport for All reported that only 56 percent of Black people in England reached the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity weekly and this is directly related to representation. Tifuh Mona is a mindful movement teacher and she says “in the past the things that were marketed towards Black people were always boxing classes, cycling, dance, pole dancing, and twerking classes.” Two decades into her fitness career, it’s only recently she has seen a wellbeing shift that is undoubtedly tied to the uprising that took place during the pandemic towards representation as it pertains to race, gender, and size.

So join us in celebrating these Black-owned and women-friendly initiatives and add them to your activity list.


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