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What Is Spotify Instafest? How to Create Your Instafest


What Is Spotify Instafest? How to Create Your Instafest


It’s only a matter of time before Spotify Wrapped 2022 sets out to shame your music choices for another year, but you’ll be pleased to hear there is another way you can cringe in the interim: enter Instafest. You might have seen your social media awash with seemingly odd, albeit brilliant, festival lineups lately, but no, there’s not a new Glastonbury happening. Instead, there is a new app that reveals what your own personal festival bill would be based on your Spotify listening behaviour.

Already, we’ve seen some absolute gems on social media. One Twitter user revealed that “Rain Fruit Sounds” would be opening their festival. Although it’s not some cool, alternative band, it’s the music they listen to to fall asleep. Others have been presently surprised by their lineup, with another tweet reading, “I’m confident that my festival would sell out within an hour.” Bold words, but what does yours say? Read on to find out how to create your own.

What is Spotfiy Instafest?

Spotify Instafest is an app, designed by LA-based app developer Anshay Saboo, which works with your Spotify account to create your dream festival lineup, based on your listening habits, so you’ll need to sign into your account to discover your version. It is customisable, so you can choose the design, and how much data you want it to use.

It’s the latest tech that uses your Spotify data to create fun roundups that really show what it’s like to be in your head. If you’ve ever used Stats for Spotify to discover your most-listened to artists outside of the Wrapped season, tried out Zodiac Affinity to curate a playlist based on your star sign, or played around with Spotify’s Only You feature for an audio birth chart, then this latest iteration is definitely for you.

Image Source: Instafest

How to Create Your Festival Lineup with Spotify Instafest?

  • Sign into the app here.
  • Once in the app, you can choose from three designs (Malibu Sunrise, LA Twilight, and Mojave Dusk). This gives you the background graphics so that you can customise the vibe of your festival.
  • Next, you can choose whether you want your lineup based on your last four weeks of favourites, six months of listening habits, or all-time which gathers data from your entire Spotify archive. Depending on how much you use Spotify, it then creates a three day festival based solely on your musical preferences.
  • The headliners are typically your most popular artists. Cue Taylor Swift and Harry Styles having a very busy fake festival season.
  • You can then choose to hide your Spotify username if you wish by ticking the box.
  • Share it on Twitter or screengrab the bill to post on social media (if you’re brave enough!)
  • It’s been a big year for music. Whether you’ve listened to Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” on repeat, or have a more eclectic taste with some old school Britney Spears thrown in, your fantasy festival is bound to be a great one. Even if you’re the only person that would attend!


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